Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier – Boys & Girls (Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe Remix)

Eric is back! Together with headmaster Satin Jackets, the magic duo has crafted a spellbound piece of chord-laden handiwork that’s resting on a beat as solid as a Horcrux. Having enchanted some souls across the planet with the melancholic “Hollywood” debut on Glam Jam Artists, Eric continues to keep the houses tuning in by telling a story from the heart. Up on the grounds at the castle of Dikso, Daniel Solar und Andi de Luxe boiled up the bassline and used some rock solid wizardry to create a stomping beat that will surely get pretty derrières moving and possibly some wands raised, while halfway across the continent, at the Ministry of Magic, St. Petersburg, Sir Andrey Fox delivers a smokin’ mighty deep dub formula to put us all into our downright places. (Oh, did you expect some silly fake spell to end this with?)

Released February 11th 2013