Monsoon Season feat. Miss Bee – Too Cold For Love (Original Mix)

Today, we’re presenting you the first release of our homie Monsoon Season from wintery Lithuania on our imprint: Too Cold For Love. And no, they don’t have monsoons there, but they can wish. Consequently, he flew in ice queen Miss Bee to have her anti-balearic message come across intriguingly and hooky, hoping somebody will get her feet warm anytime soon. It didn’t take us long to come up with an expert on topics below zero – Mr. Roberto Rodriguez hailing from Helsinki knows -despite the name- what it means to deal with matters accordingly. Last but not least, we couldn’t stop our CEO, this time in a fur coat, from adding his two cents to the discussion. However, it remained unusually dark and mesmerising. Suck this, bikini girls.

Release date: March 25th 2013