KLar & PF – Escape (Guest Starring Patrick Baker)

Glam Jam Artists presents: KLar & PF – Endless / Escape


with special guest appearance by Patrick Baker


Release date: Sep 16th 2013


Finally! St. Petersburg masterminds KLar&PF have already had their debut on Glam Jam Artists cloaked as “The Socialites” together with Tesla Boy’s frontman Anton doing vocals. Now it’s time for them to lift the curtain and let their magic unfold once more. If “Escape” and “Endless” don’t do to you exactly what the names promise, topped off with some solid goosebumps, you’re either a zombie or wear cowboy boots – or both. Oh, by the way, Nashville based rising star Patrick Baker hopped on board for an impromptu vocal. Rest assured, it’s going to be an unforgettably smooth ride full of blissful deepness fueled by nothing less than the finest heart & soul that comes from Russia with Love.